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The Jeff’s Pirates Cove Homemade Cheeseburger is a “must eat” on Guam!

Jeff’s Pirates Cove is one of the reasons why I love living on Guam…Great Food, Cold Drinks, right by the blue ocean, sandy beach, and wow, the breeze is awesome. Jeff’s Pirates Cove is surely a gem in the southern part of Guam, located in Ipan. Jeff’s is a one of a kind bar an grill, with great local food, specialty dishes, and of course a complete bar. Jeff’s makes for a perfect dining experience with family and friends. Jeff’s also caters to concerts, parties, fundraisers, arts and crafts displays, and more. Jeff’s is an ideal stop for those who live on Guam, a weekend hangout, and for a fact, a must see for tourists.
Speaking of “musts”, the Jeff’s Homemade Cheeseburger is a “must eat”! It is by far one of the best cheese burgers on Guam. Jeff’s is almost synonymous with “damn good burger”. The seasoning in the 100% Ground Beef, homemade patty is what makes this burger a top choice for me. It comes topped with traditional condiments, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and comes with fries. A homemade burger, fries, and with an ice-cold drink…ahh, and the terrific ocean breeze. This is what makes dining on Guam such a joy! Jeff’s also is one of the very few paces where you can have some Greek food, such as a Gyros or Gyros plate.
Jeff’s Pirates Cove is a landmark on Guam, and you can sense the colorful story that make this place a “must do” as soon as you walk in. Don’t worry, the Pirates are kind…and they got some really good food. Don’t forget to try the Homemade Cheeseburger!
By Mariano Reyes

Simply Food: So many people love it!

Here are some independent reviews mentioned on HappyCow.net (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=393 )
Best on Guam…
The grocery store part is open from M -TH 8am-5:30pm and Fridays from 8am - 3pm. They have a ton of vegetarian items, some vegan, and a couple raw. They have nuts & grains in the largest quantities I have seen on Guam and many of them raw. Quite a few items I was not able to find anywhere else in Guam such as bee pollen, wheat berries, raw sesame seeds but they carry them here. They have real food...many "health food" stores in Guam just have random stuff & then vitamins/minerals, you could actually grocery shop here if you were vegetarian. They also have a nice selection of organic body products if you’re into that. Prices are great and the people working here are super helpful!
We were so excited to find this place and only wish we had come earlier! We were very happy with our sandwiches - a "BLT" and "smoked turkey". Prices were reasonable, it was PACKED with friendly people and had a community feeling.
Delicious food, nice atmosphere, great service. I would highly recommend Simply food. I try to get there at least twice a week. Everything served is vegetarian with a few vegan options. Includes a well stocked store in the back with every type of vegetarian food you could need. Also includes books about being a vegetarian and recipe books.

Featured Place : Curry Kebab
Location: Tamuning, Hafa Adai Exchange E Building
Hours of Operation:
Lunch 11am to 2:30pm(Wk Days)
Dinner 5pm to 10pm (Daily)

By : Mariano Reyes

Owned and operated by Chef Ashok Pandian, Curry Kebab is known for its sophisticated and subtle use of many spices known to be grown across India. Bringing beautiful flavors of fine Indian cuisines to the island paradise of Guam at affordable rates that will have you ordering more than one dish on the menu.
Conveniently located on Marine Corps Drive Route 1, in the heart of Tamuning on the second floor of the Hafa Adai Exchange E Building, Curry Kebab is easily visible right up the ITC intersection if you are headed northbound. When customers walk up the stairway, photographs of exotic Indian spices, each with a tiny description, are displayed for them to see. Once up stairs, an aroma of Indian herbs and spices calls to them to come inside. Inside, the walls are decorated with Indian art and the windows have a great view of Tamuning. Magazines and TV shows from India are available for customers as light entertainment.
The menu provides a wide array of beef, chicken, lamb, vegetables, and seafood entrees each with a short description of ingredients. Such dishes include: beef kheema curry, tandori chicken, chicken saag, chicken curry, fish chilli fry, shrimp curry, grilled fish masala, lamb delicacies, soups, salads, and many more! Most popular of the entrees would be “Chicken Vindaloo” which is chicken cooked with tangy goan curry sauce and potato, and “Chicken Moghul Kebab”, which is chicken marinated in Tandoor with fragrant herbs, yogurt, and spices! All entrees are served with saffron rice.
While the entrees cook, customers can snack on the delicious appetizers that are available. Appetizers include Chicken wings, Vegetable Bajji, Tofu Bajji, and more! Most popular appetizers would be, “Shrimp Bajji”, which is shrimp frittes with herbs and spices, and “Vegatables Samosa”, which is pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas. All appetizers are served with chutneys.
To go along with the appetizers or entrée, Curry Kebab offers exotic signature beverages, such as Sweet Salt Lasi, Rose Lassi, Lemony Mint, Hot Masala Tea, Instant Milk Tea, and more! All drinks come with their own unique glasses.
All kinds of hard liquor are available for customers who thirst for something stronger, such as gins, vodkas, whiskeys, brandy, and rum. For lighter alcohols, red and white wines are offered, as well as Imported and Domestic beers.
Party accommodations are welcomed at Curry Kebab with seating up to 30 people, or if customers wish Curry Kebab to come to them, catering is also available with everything on the menu to choose from. All sides such as naan breads, saffron rice, and desserts are separate. Customers must give a 3 day advance notice.
Curry Kebab is the most convenient way to explore the cuisines of India without having to hurt your wallet. Chef Ashok Pandian and his staff have a warm personality and are very attentive to your needs. They welcome you in their Indian language with “Namaste”, and as you leave, humbly ask you to “Come again”. Chef Ashok Pandian’s and his staff’s knowledge in creating Indian dishes makes Curry Kebab authentic in every way. So if you’ve worked up an appetite and don’t mind great service, Curry Kebab is the place to be.

King’s Restaurant: Satisfy your late night craving with their 24 hour dining!

Here is an independent review mentioned on www.travbuddy.com
(http://www.travbuddy.com/Kings-Restaurant-v306654 )
It's a popular restaurant for people who partake in Guam's nightlife.
The menu offers a variety of food from American, Chamorro (local), Asian and Filipino. You can order anything from spam and eggs (local favorite) to steak and rice.
They also have a good selection of desserts, which can be shared by everyone.
It's a really casual place to dine. It's a popular spot for after proms, dances, clubbing, etc. They have large booths that can seat up to 10 people or you can opt to sit at the bar. Family-friendly and nice service.
Also conveniently located by shopping centers so satisfy that appetite you built up from shopping!

Capricciosa Ristorante Italiano: Best Italian!

A personal review mentioned on www.yelp.com
(http://www.yelp.com/biz/capricciosa-ristorante-italiano-tumon-bay#hrid:w6oPM929DaSHHafnknPdzw )
After coming to L.A. and trying various Italian restaurants, including the Olive Garden (which I had CRAVED when I lived on Guam) and Buca di Beppo, I still have to admit that Capricciosa serves THE best Italian food!
My favorite Capricciosa dishes (which are mainly family-style!):
Spicy Seafood Linguine: SO good!!! It contains tuna, mussels, calamari, garlic, and peppers in red sauce. It's best when there is LOTS of sauce, so be sure to ask for more sauce if there isn't much. Even more amazing with their parmesan cheese.
"Capricciosa-style" Lasagna: This is the most unique lasagna I have ever tasted. It does not look like your typical layered lasagna - it comes in a stone pot, so it's still really hot and bubbly. Yes, it's actually more like a thick "soup" than lasagna, with lots of sauce and a layer of cheese over the square-shaped lasagna noodles. Mmmm... Pour on the parmesan cheese for more cheesy goodness!
Margherita Pizza: Topped with tomato, cheese, and basil, this is gooood pizza. I like to spread the basil over the entire slice before I eat it. It's SO flavorful! =)
To end the delicious meal, I usually get the vanilla ice cream topped with hot blueberry rum sauce. There are pieces of blueberry in it and yes, it contains rum! I can't even describe how simple yet amazing it is...
OH, how I miss you, Capricciosa...

California Pizza Kitchen: Fun, Cool, Yummy!

A review mentioned on www.yelp.com
(http://www.yelp.com/biz/california-pizza-kitchen-barrigada )
The pizza and food have been always of good quality and pricing. The 3-4 times I've been to this CPK location service has always been fast and friendly. What also is pretty cool about this CPK is they have coupons every now and then which make eating out at a place like this very reasonable.
If you've never been to a CPK I highly recommend the sausage pizza and the California club. The lettuce wraps are a great appetizer as well. I also heard great things about their mushroom pizza which I will try next time I'm there.

Pasta Giuseppe

Every once in a while on a persons journey through the cultural explorations of food, comes across a dish that will heighten senses, melt taste buds, and lead the way to a delicious cultural experience. The person only has to stop and savor all that.

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